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Can I use this soundtrack on my games?

HI. Thanks for reaching us. We hope you enjoy this soundtrack, but you can't use it for your games.

These songs were specially written for us, 'Gutterfly Farm'.  They are identity of the game, narrative of that world.

Sorry, but we can not allow someone else to use the important part of our creation. 

Thanks to listen, and good luck with your project.

This was gorgeous.  Thank you for including it.

Thank you for downloading!

Oh wow this is so beautiful !! I enjoyed it very much, thank you :) 

Thank you for downloading! We are so happy to hear your voice!

Stunning music! I'm in love with these tracks!

Thanks! We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for this.

Very lovely music!

Thank you for downloading! We are happy to hear your impression.

Stay safe.